UCON Quenchant Products
UCON Quenchant Products
Ucon Polymer Quenchants

Fluid Dynamic’s UCON Quenchants provide you with the latest in quench fluid technology for you heat-treating process. With Aerospace approvals from Boeing, Airbus and Pratt & Whitney, the DOW® UCON product line sets the standard for performance, quality and consistence.

  • UCON A
  • UCON A NN (Non-nitrite)
  • RL
  • RL NN (Non-nitrite)
  • UCON B
  • UCON E
Straight Oil Quench

Fluid Dynamic’s Straight Oil Quench for use in high cooling rates requirements are needed to achieve maximum hardness.

  • Alphaquench 2500
Tenaxol Quench

Fluid Dynamics Tenaxol Quench is a water soluble high molecular weight polymer quench designed for fast quench induction and circulating tank applications.

  • Ultra Quench 1500
  • Ultra Quench 2500