Invest In Versatile Lubricating Grease for Your Facility

To ensure your facility’s machinery and equipment all run with minimal interruption, it’s crucial to stay on top of general maintenance and repair. Thankfully, with the right lubricating products, you can minimize the need for maintenance while maximizing the performance of your industrial machinery. With Fluid Dynamics and our line of Duraloc lubricating grease technology, equipment across every industry will stay functioning, high-performing and protected.

Understanding Industrial Lubricants and Grease

Manufacturing facilities utilize a variety of lubricants in the upkeep of machinery. For example, lubricating oil is used to help reduce friction between parts while keeping equipment at a cooler temperature. Grease can meet similar needs but provides advantages over other lubrication products. Made from base oils, a wide range of additives and thickener types, our Duraloc grease technology offers such benefits as:

  • Longer Use – Grease, oil and other lubricants will wear off over time, requiring operators to reapply lubrication to a piece of equipment’s components. However, when using Duraloc grease, you can expect lubricant to stay applied much longer. This means less product is required to keep parts fully lubricated.
  • Reaches Anywhere – Duraloc grease clings to the surface of any metal or similar product. Oil and other lubrication products can prove challenging to use when applied to harder-to-reach internal components. Our unique grease mixtures will reach those tight spaces and resist washout and thinning.
  • High Resistance – When grease is worked over gears and components, it creates a semi-solid layer that offers incredible protection and resistance. For example, Duraloc grease is incredibly effective for sealing parts and keeping dirt and moisture away.
  • Greater Protection – In addition to reducing friction between parts, the viscosity of Duraloc can protect your equipment from more severe problems. For example, Duraloc grease helps protect parts from damage caused by frequent starts/stops, shock loading, extreme pressure, etc.

Duraloc Options

Fluid Dynamics’ Duraloc Brand offers an extensive range of grease technology in customized packaging. We produce our lubricant products for oil distributors, retail networks, tooling distributors and professionals throughout the agricultural, mining, construction and automotive industries. Furthermore, our products are tailored to your precise application needs, with grease types like:

  • Lithium
  • Calcium
  • Molybdenum Containing in both lithium and calcium thickeners
  • Aluminum Complex
  • Polyurea
  • Benton

Contact Our Office

Fluid Dynamics’ Duraloc products offer the best lubrication and protection of similar industrial grease products in manufacturing. If you are interested in Duraloc or our additional oils, heat-treatment fluids, and other lubricants, contact us at 800-237-1862.