Metalworking Fluids Designed with High Performance in Mind

High-quality, high-performance metalworking fluids are essential for industries that prioritize machining, milling, cutting and other metalworking applications. Proper fluid selection ensures productivity, cost-savings and increased velocity for your manufacturing processes. Thankfully, with Fluid Dynamics’ state of the art Dynachem metalworking fluids, the profitability and sustainability of your facility are never in doubt!

Understanding Metal Working Fluids

Metalworking fluids (MWF) are designed with a wide range of additive technologies used to provide lubricity, heat-transfer characteristics, protection for the machine tool and overall operator acceptance. The overall functionality of the metalworking fluid is to enhance the machining performance, while minimizing issues such as poor tool life, corrosion, smoking, misting and residues. Dynachem MWFs fall into three primary categories: fighting, mid-range and high-performance.

  • Fighting Grade – Intended for customers primarily driven by cost per gallon. Typically, for businesses where cost is a overriding factor.
  • Mid-Range – Small to mid-sized businesses looking for products that perform in wide range of applications and where cost is not as important.
  • High-Performance – Large businesses / OEMs in high production environments where tool life and cost per part are important. Priced based on the high performance and function of the fluid.

Introducing Dynachem!

Developed by Fluid Dynamics, Dynachem metalworking fluid has the best performance and sustainability of MWFs in the market. Our product is high-performance grade, meaning it’s best used in scenarios where the product’s and equipment’s life are of the utmost concern. Dynachem is multi-functional, designed for various metalworking applications, and used throughout multiple manufacturing industries. Dynachem’s best features include:

  • Designed for Multi-Metal Applications – Machining ferrous and non-ferrous materials used in drivetrain, aerospace, medical, agricultural and construction equipment applications.
  • Innovative Additive Technology – Delivers the highest tool life level and high finish in difficult machining applications.
  • New Technology Biocide – Ensures long system life in stand-alone machines and central systems. The biocide meets current regulatory guidelines, guaranteeing the safest usage for plant personnel.
  • Non-Foaming – Performs best in high-pressure coolant delivery, high-speed spindle and soft water applications.
  • Low Odor/Low Misting – Provides greater operational acceptance and minimizes residues.

Why Do You Need MWFs?

Metalworking fluids are designed to protect your tooling, equipment and the metal product being produced. Most importantly, it provides a safe operating environment for those who are in contact with the fluids. Such protection is only one of many reasons why your company should invest in MWFs. Some of Dynachem’s benefits are:

  • Increased Tool Life– Metalworking can cause significant wear and tear for your various machines. Without proper fluids for lubrication and protection, you’ll likely replace tooling, parts and equipment quicker than you’d prefer, bringing up overall maintenance costs. Investing in Dynachem can alleviate most of these concerns.
  • Greater Production Speed – Dynachem is a high-performance MWF for a reason! Dynachem helps reduce the friction between tools and metal. In turn, reduced friction allows for faster machining, cutting, and milling feed rates. Being able to perform metal working processes quicker allows for faster turnaround times and increased productivity.
  • Safer Work Environment – Metalworking can be dangerous, so minimizing misting, smoking and operator irritation during the machining process is of utmost importance. Dynachem strives to create fluids that minimize the negative aspects of the fluid interactions.
  • High-Quality Final Products – Ultimately, Dynachem works to create a high-quality final product, no matter the metal, part or component being worked. Dynachem products are designed to increase productivity and operational sustainability.

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Support your manufacturing facility’s metalworking procedures with the best metalworking fluid in the industry. Invest in Dynachem, a product of Fluid Dynamics, for the best available high-performance metalworking fluid. To learn more about Dynachem or Fluid Dynamics’ range of quenches, grease and lubrication products, contact us at 800-237-1862.