UCON Quenchants
UCON Quenchants

UCON Quenchants

Ditch Water and Oil: Invest in World-Class Heat-Treating Polymer

Fluid Dynamics is the master distributor of DOW® Chemicals’ “UCON” Heat Treating Polymer Technologies. Polymer heat-treatment solutions are taking the metalworking and metallurgy industries by storm, offering a precise and effective quenchant solution to any heat treatment process. With UCON quenches, your facility can perfect heat treatment, minimizing cracks, distortion and product defects. If interested in a consistent and affordable supply of UCON heat-treating polymer, call Fluid Dynamics today.

What Are Heat-Treating Polymers?

UCON quenches are unique because they aren’t a wholly water or oil solution. As a heat-treating polymer, UCON products are designed to replace straight oil and competing glycol polymer technology. Polymer solutions combine oil and water with organic inhibitors and additional additives that produce concentrates. UCON quenches are classified as polyalkylene glycol (PAG), which utilize inverse solubility to produce precise temperature quenching.

Why Choose UCON Quenchants?

At Fluid Dynamics, we strive to provide a superior heat-treatment product compared to our competitors. Through DOW® Chemical, we represent heat-treating fluids that can be used in various industries/applications. Some of UCON’s best features include:

  • Lower In-Use Cost – Greater than 50% reduction in manufacturing costs due to the ability to dilute the polymers and overall carry-off rates.
  • Safe to Use – Diluted with water, which eliminates fire hazards.
  • Wide Range of Applications – Best for products designed to meet specific metallurgical applications.
  • Industry Leader – DOW® UCON is recognized across the U.S. for its product performance, quality and consistency.

Top Distributor of UCON

Fluid Dynamics prides itself on being the top distributor of DOW® UCON quenchants. However, our product offerings aren’t the only reason many manufacturers rely on Fluid Dynamics. With a broad focus on applications across every manufacturing industry, our team supplies incredible technical and field support for clients using our products.

  • Application Focus – UCON Quenches are most utilized in industries like aerospace, agriculture, mining, construction, automotive, medical, and more.
  • Technical Support – Every product is developed to ensure quality heat-treated parts through routine analytical testing and trend analysis for extended system life and proper in-process performance.
  • Field Support – Fluid Dynamics employs our expertise to provide on-site guidance for manufacturers in product selection, in-use operating parameters and troubleshooting applications.

Talk with Our Team

Ensure the greatest durability and highest quality of your heat-treated products when using glycol polymer technology, thanks to DOW’s line of UCON quenches. To learn more about heat-treating fluids or Fluid Dynamics’ line of additional greases, metalworking fluids and lubricant products, contact us today at 800-237-1862.